What I thought was a nice gesture turned out to be his final joke - a bit of a prank, if you will. The original tag was still attached to the suit, I pulled the piece closer to me to admire it.

I turned over the tag, and noticed there was a poem printed on the back.


is many things

It is Fashion ....... new, exciting fashion!
It is Functional ... easy to wear and comfortable!
It is Fun ............ not plastic or stereotyped!
It is Fabrics ....... soft and supple and easy to care for!
It is Fit ............. easy not restrictive ... easy but not boxy!
It is Flexible ...... easy to wear as separates ... as pieces ... as a suit!
It is Fabulous!

I tried to get home at a reasonable time, but he departed earlier than I expected. I opened the door to my bedroom and found a white suit on my bed, a scribbled note on top of it.

"I had an extra, so here you go. One for you and one for me."

For this body of work, I decided to play a character who finds this suit, "666", and tries to cleanse it of its evil spirits using commodified and household objects in place of religious paraphernalia. Each piece is video documentation of a performance, accompanied by photographic images from each performance. Fellow artist Clinton McKay helped with location scouting and documentation.

The Blessing of St. Blaize Baptism Salt Circle